WhatsApp (Beta) for iPhone Activates Disappearing Photos And Videos


WhatsApp: As reported by WaBetaInfo experts last March, WhatsApp was “working on self-destructing photos as part of a future update for iOS and Android.” Photos that self-destruct cannot be exported from WhatsApp, and if the feature is displayed it would be similar to what we have already seen on Instagram.

Once the self-destruct mode is activated, the photo will be removed from the chat as soon as it leaves it, just like on Instagram with the option to keep the photo in the chat and see it only once.

Photos and videos that are only viewed once

In the screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo months ago, a small photo self-destruct icon was seen near the chat. The icon is located right next to the option to add photos, videos and contacts. Once the mode is activated, the photo will disappear as soon as you leave the chat.

And this has also been confirmed by the head of Facebook, adding that images tagged like this can only be seen once before disappearing. However, you will be able to take a screenshot, although WhatsApp will notify the user who has sent the photo that someone has captured it.


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