WhatsApp announces deadline for oil of new privacy policy


You may have forgotten about it, but Uncle Zuck did not: after the wave of protests and the mass flight of users to other messaging apps, WhatsApp decided to postpone the change in its privacy policy by sharing information from users with Facebook – but she’s back and, it seems, this time to stay.

In a post published on the app’s blog, the company says that “in the coming weeks, we will display a notice on WhatsApp announcing that you will have more time to read the update and providing more information to help clarify any doubts. Eventually, we will send reminders so that everyone can read and accept the updates to continue using WhatsApp ”.

This time, the company’s concern was to be didactic, trying not to worry users about what drove them away in January: sharing data with Facebook.

Trading platform

The changes are due to the transformation of WhatsApp into a commercial platform: on the 15th, the “cart” feature was launched in Brazil, with which “people can select different items and send the order by message to the company”.

Personal messages, the application reinforces, will continue to be encrypted from end to end. The same, however, will not apply to messages for companies: this data can be used for marketing, such as targeting ads on Facebook, and also stored on the servers of that social media.

Under the new rules, companies will be able to use “Facebook’s secure hosting services to manage WhatsApp chats with their customers, answer questions and send useful information, such as purchase receipts.”

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