WhatsApp: after controversy over privacy


After thousands of users migrated from WhatsApp to Signal and Telegram, due to the messenger’s decisions to share users’ sensitive data with Facebook – something that ended up being postponed to May – the app seems to have been concerned about all the negative repercussions.

That’s because he decided to send a series of statuses to try to calm those who are thinking of “jumping off the boat”. The messages are clear and objective, and should also start to be sent in other languages ​​in the next few days:

As we can see in the images above and below, we have phrases like “We are committed to your privacy”, “WhatsApp cannot read or listen to your conversations because they are encrypted from end to end”, “WhatsApp cannot see your shared location “and” WhatsApp cannot share your contacts with Facebook “.

It is worth remembering that the change in WhatsApp terms generated mistrust in many people because it was suspected that Facebook and partner companies could use personal data available for the application in an invasive way, something that ended up even drawing Procon’s attention -SP, who called WhatsApp to ask for more explanations.

Procon’s concern is that the new privacy policy does not conflict with the General Data Protection Law that has been in force since August 2020, which establishes rules for the processing of personal data by applications and websites.

Procon also wants to assess whether these changes also do not infringe the CDC (Consumer Protection Code), which protects users from abusive, unfair, coercive selling methods or who are unfair to those using the application.


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