What’s The Most Disgusting Thing Sasaengs Did To BTS?


What was the most disgusting thing sasaengs did to BTS? All of them did strange things, but we think “Girl Without Pants” is the worst. She really broke the record. Who goes to the airport without pants in front of millions of people?

Trigger Warning: This content contains images of self-harm. If you are sensitive about this, please do not read.

Probably someone with no shame. There were BTS members, cameras and fans in her environment. But until she got there, a lot of people saw her that way.

Another unacceptable moment was when a saseang girl tried to kiss Suga. She has transcended the boundaries of personal space, she. And it surprised everyone. She embarrassed Suga.

Once, a saseang tried to break into a hotel bathroom where Jungkook was taking a shower. Really interesting and humiliating moments.

On the other hand, when the dating rumors started about Jungkook, the Sasengs and their obsessive fans started this crazy hashtag called #cutforkookie on Twitter.

This hashtag “#cutforkookie” was used by obsessive fans who cut themselves off over Jungkook’s dating rumor. This really happened.

How do people lose so much? Their admiration hurts them. I hope they stop doing this kind of thing. Because this creates very difficult situations.


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