What’s the best landing point for CoD Warzone season 2?


We tell you the best landing point in Call of Duty Warzone during Season 2 that it shares with Black Ops Cold War on PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC.

Call of Duty: Warzone continues to celebrate content as part of Season 2. The latest news around Verdansk left us with the presence of zombies in the Prison, after their first sighting on the Vodianoy ship. Now, what is the best place to land right after starting the game? We tell you a point that very few players know.

The Airport bunker, an unknown place full of chests

Your first objective when parachuting is to hoard as much money as possible. The equipment is after all secondary, since those tickets will be invested in buying a supply package. The site we are talking about is preferable to visit in solo or duo games, in this way there will be less chance of encountering an enemy squad.

To access this area you must go to the eastern part of the airport, right at the end of the runway in front of the hangars. You will see from above a hole of great proportions. If you walk in you will see a round station and a climbing rope wedged into a large room. When you go down you will have a staircase and another door that leads to a hall. Follow the path and you will see all the equipment.

If the chest generation algorithm is on your side, you will open at least about 10 chests, not to mention the amount of objects that you will see scattered: ammunition, wads of money, weapons… everything. You can easily get away with $ 12,000 from there. An entrance that few know is the sentry box that connects the other end of the hole. It is located on the outside of the track between the hole and the buy station.

At the top of this paragraph we leave you a video about this area, both how to enter and how to exit. Landing here you have many options to buy your supply several minutes before the first wave. Also, you will not risk your skin.