What’s new in YouTube mobile apps


YouTube has updated its mobile apps with a few new features. New gestures, updated playback controls, and additional features make it easier to view and control videos.

The most important update is the new gesture that makes it easy to enable and disable the video view in full screen. Instead of clicking the button or rotating the phone, you can drag your finger up over the video window to switch to full screen. You can also return to the standard player page by dragging it down while in full screen.

youtube mobil uygulama

The gestures in question only work while scrolling the playback window. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being confused by the swipe gestures used to exit apps on both iOS and Android.

There are a few more new buttons in the video player. There is now a new subtitle button that appears directly in the video control menu, along with a toggle video autoplay toggle button. To toggle between how much time has passed and how long is left on a video, just tap the video’s time stamp.

The updated apps also include an expanded version of the video episodes feature that YouTube has been developing over the past few months. There is now a new list view showing all episodes for the video, including a thumbnail preview.

youtube mobil uygulama

Finally, YouTube is adding a new set of “recommended actions” that will suggest users to rotate their phone (perhaps using the new full-screen gesture previously mentioned) or use a VR headset for a better experience while watching a video. YouTube says it will also work to add more recommended actions in the future.


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