What’s new in Amazon Prime Video: September 2020


Another month comes close to the end and together with him, it is time to start seeing here everything that can be expected in September in the main streaming services currently available in Brazil, thus allowing to organize the marathon of your favorite series or of organize the family to see a new movie together.

Thinking about it, here we have the compilation of everything that comes to Amazon’s service, Prime Video, whose main highlights are the arrival this month of the second season of The Boys, of all available seasons of Bones and Grey’s Anatomy and more.

To help in the planning (and location of the titles), we separate what arrives in series, films, documentaries and animations, with the official debut date on the platform quoted beside each title.

Well, enough talk and let’s go to the premieres!


The Boys (Season 2) – 09/04
Gray’s Anatomy (Seasons 1-16) – 9/15
Bones (Seasons 1-12) – 9/15
Fear The Walking Dead (Season 5) – 15/09
American Horror Story (Season 9) – 9/20
Tell Me A Story (Seasons 1-2) – 09/25
iCarly (Season 2) – 30/09


Gauguin – Trip to Tahiti – 01/09
The Scorpion King 5: The Book of Souls – 01/09
Halloween (2018) – 08/09
Johnny English 3.0 – 9/13
The Hunger Games: Hope – The Final – 20/09
The Mystery of the Clock on the Wall – 9/22
The Quarry – 9/25
The Grinch – 27/09


Fernando (Season 1) – 09/25


Dora the Explorer (Season 2) – 09/30
Dog Patrol (Seasons 2-3) – 09/30
SpongeBob SquarePants (Season 2) – 09/30

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