What’s new for YouTube in 2021: short videos


“Redefining the YouTube experience.” This is roughly what Google wants to do with its streaming video platform during the current year 2021. And in its official blog, it has taken the opportunity to summarize everything new and the changes that it will implement in the veteran video service -which was born ago. 16 years already. Let’s take a look at it by sections:

YouTube Shorts, Google’s TikTok

TikTok and its short video format continues to show no signs of losing momentum and presence as the most successful social network of the moment. And the rest know it, that’s why they are looking to offer something similar. Google has created Shorts, a new format that “will allow creators to record short content without more resources than a mobile phone.”

Shorts is currently available in beta in India, and since the beginning of December the number of Indian channels using the tools to create these short videos has increased by more than 300%, and the YouTube player Shorts has more than 3.5 billion views. daily streams around the world. In the coming weeks, “we will expand the beta test to the US, allowing many more creators to access the tools to create short videos.”

Simplify navigation

After reforming the general interface of YouTube a few years ago, Google wants to continue to build on that path by more shaping the current one, and “this year we will make more changes on all devices to help users connect with their favorite content and creators.” Last year the ‘video chapters’ feature was released to make it easier for users to navigate through videos.

“Soon we will expand the feature so that [chapters] are added automatically. We will also make some changes to make the playback experience more intuitive, such as modernizing the design for tablets.”


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