What’s new for Halo Master Chief Collection games


Halo games offered as part of the Master Chief Collection will get the features found in modern games. A sharing by the 343 Industries team provides insight into the innovations in question. Cross-platform game support stands out among these innovations.

With this support, Xbox and Windows PC owners will be able to enjoy classic Halo games together. The developers continue to work with keyboard and mouse support in the console version to make Xbox players easier.

Cross-platform support is expected to be activated with input-based matching feature and server zone options. In addition; Special in-game browser and graphic settings can be adjusted for each session. Features such as PC file sharing and Steam account connection will also be offered to users.

There seems to be still a lot to be done for the Halo Master Chief Collection. The first test version for Halo 3: PC version of ODST will be released in the first half of August. For the full version and Halo 4, it is necessary to wait for the coming months of the year.


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