What’s Inside The Steam Deck? Valve Makes Video To Show


Steam Deck is one of the most awaited releases of 2021, with its concept that mixes console and portable PC, settings that look very powerful and promise to play (almost) everything in the Steam store, just anywhere. Another thing that a lot of people are eager to know is whether it will be possible to upgrade components, like on a PC Gamer, and what the interior of the new Steam Deck looks like.

The short and simple answer is no. According to Valve, the product was “designed in a millimetric way and the parts were carefully chosen for this product, with this construction”. This and other details were disclosed in a video of five and a half minutes on Valve’s YouTube, this Wednesday (6).


Tutorial for NOT DOING this

Early in the video, the narration explains that the tutorial is actually an explanation of why not open and fiddle around inside your Steam Deck — as if that would stop someone who wants to do this, right?

To start with, there are eight screws that secure the Steam Deck housing. The video explains that they are self-tapping screws and their seal shrinks each time you move them. Therefore, the console will already be less resistant to falls just by opening and closing the case. Afterwards, a big problem is handling the battery while handling other components: if the battery is damaged, it can catch fire, explains Valve.

So if you were thinking about changing the SSD, for example, Valve recommends not doing this. After all, the vibration of this component can impact the battery, which is on the side. The factory SSDs, ranging from 64 to 512GB, were chosen to bring out the lowest possible vibrations and temperatures — and not harm the other components that sit so tight inside the Steam Deck. To increase memory, it is possible to use micro SD cards.

According to Valve, the replacement of the SSD for any model can consume more battery, cause overheating and interference in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So better use the micro SD yourself.


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