What’s Happening at MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Conference?


Organizing a bitcoin conference for corporate companies on February 3 – 4, Microstrategy continues its online activities with thousands of participants. Interviewing at the conference attended by giant companies, NYDIG founder Ross Stevens announced the company’s year-end bitcoin target.

Microstrategy added $ 10 million worth of btc to its coffers before the bitcoin conference. CEO Michael Saylor said that they bought a total of 295 bitcoins and with this, the amount of btc the company owns increased to 71,079. The average purchase price of the purchased bitcoins is about 16,109 dollars.

The conference, which started on February 3, continues with the participation of many sponsors and corporate companies.

Details of the Bitcoin conference

The number of people who registered for the conference exceeded 20 thousand and there were problems with the company’s internet provider due to the density. Michael Saylor stated that 5 thousand 656 people attended the event. While the participation of corporate companies will be 1,400, big companies such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Fidelity, Genesis, Grayscale, NYDIG, Gemini, Galaxy Digital, Paxos will be interviewed. Saylor stated that those who missed the event will be able to access videos soon.

Among the companies participating in the event as sponsors are big companies such as Deloitte, Kyvos, Solar Insights, Civica and Cognizant.

$ 25 billion bitcoin target from NYDIG

The interview with NYDIG founder Ross Stevens, who was among the conference attendees, was appreciated by many, including social media. Ross Stevens emphasized that money is a technology, saying bitcoin is the best currency.

Making a statement about NYDIG, Stevens said that the company had 25 customers a year ago, but this number increased to 280. He stated that it took the company 1,200 days to acquire the first $ 1 billion, and this number has now decreased to six days. Announcing the year-end target of NYDIG, Stevens said:

“NYDIG is a bitcoin service company. I believe we will have $ 25 billion in bitcoin by the end of the year. This is not an estimate, I am speaking in line with the orders we receive. “


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