“What’s good about it…” — when Ryan Reynolds’ children were not impressed by his appearance on television


Ryan Reynolds is the brightest soul in Hollywood, who constantly makes the days laugh and smiles. His humorous personality in films causes fans moments of surprise from Deadpool to the Free Guy. The actor is so famous for his sense of humor that even his ordinary conversations seem funny or we see that he is always like that. And we saw that the star of “Red Notice” did not leave his children aside from his hilarious remarks on Twitter. But it seems that his children once made him a serious competitor in his black humor. What did they tell him? It certainly has something to do with an actor’s career.

Ryan Reynolds’ children Didn’t Believe Him that he would appear on the screen

We all know that children do not understand the structure of the world at a young age and say what is on their mind. Since children do not apply any filters to what they want to say to a person. This is what Ryan’s kids did when he told them he was going to give an interview to Good Morning America.

In a video interview, the host turned to Ryan Reynolds, saying that now his children can know that their parents are celebrities in the entertainment industry. In response to the statement, he said that his children reacted the same way as any other child.

“They are like that, what’s good about it. I was saying it’s called “Good Morning America,” and they’re like, “Can you give me your regards,” the Canadian actor explained.

He added that the children asked him to do things like “pull my eyes off” and “rub my sleeve.” It’s amazing how these little kids have no idea about their parents’ fame. A serious reason for this may be Blake Lively, who protects her children and keeps them away from talking to the media.

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars can’t beat her beautiful daughters. However, there is no doubt that Ryan and Blake are the coolest parents. After the wedding in 2012, the couple welcomed three girls into the family: James, 7, Ines, 6, and Betty, 2. Moreover, their fourth child will soon become an addition to this charming family.


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