What’s going on with Wendy Williams’ purple chair and all her stuff now that her show is over?


The last episode of the Wendy Williams Show aired on June 17 after 13 seasons. A somewhat awkward affair was a rather fitting conclusion to the last season, during which the eponymous host never returned. The montage recalled many memorable guests and moments from past years, as well as the trademark of the presenter: “How are you?” this catch phrase was repeated several times throughout the episode by guest presenter Sherry Shepherd, the audience, members of the crew and various guests. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the finale, I don’t think many fans will be fine after they find out what happens to the famous purple Williams chair and other memorabilia after the talk show ends.

Wendy Williams did not appear in any of the episodes of the 13th season of her talk show due to health problems due to COVID and other current issues, but due to reports that she is “on the mend” and hopes to return to television, some wondered if she would return her. to appear in the series finale. She did not, and although the presenter herself has not publicly commented on the last episode of her show (yet), her ex-husband called it a “parody”. The news doesn’t get any better from this, y’all, as The Sun reports, now that it’s over, Williams’ iconic purple armchair and other decorations and items from the show are being “thrown in the trash.” The source said:

The chair is just thrown out. The production is not even trying to donate a chair to the museum, as The View did with its original table 10 years later. They gave it to the Smithsonian Institution.

Excuse me, what? It seems incredible that no one would want to keep this chair for posterity. Regardless of the drama that surrounded the last season of the Wendy Williams Show or any other before it, there is no denying that the media personality has left her mark on daytime television, and in the 12 seasons she has hosted, she has been nominated for several daytime Emmys. But the source said the producers didn’t bother to find a home for the piece, and it’s a complete shame if that’s true. It is reported that the same fate will befall other items. The source reports:

The wigs are still there since she didn’t come for them, so they are thrown away.

Tell me it’s not like that! It’s one thing to end the show against the backdrop of Wendy Williams’ medical and financial battles, but it’s quite another not to respect such visually memorable aspects of her television legacy and what she achieved twelve years before. Perhaps Williams will hear about these messages in time to save furniture, wigs and other treasures.

Back in February, Debmar-Mercury announced that the Wendy Williams Show would be officially replaced by a new talk show hosted by Sherri Shepherd, who was one of the many guests who replaced Williams in season 13. the predecessor, she explained that the two women are not friends, and Wendy Williams had previously cast a shadow over her replacement, saying that she would not tune in to the premiere of Sherry. So we probably shouldn’t bet on Shepard stepping in and saving the purple chair.

Overall, this is a sad situation as Wendy Williams continues to struggle to regain full control of her finances. We hope she will continue to take care of herself and her fans will be thrilled if and when she returns to television. Until then, be sure to check out our TV schedule for 2022 to find out which new and returning shows are coming out soon.