What’s going on with John Diggle’s spin-off from The Arrowverse? David Ramsey shares the news


“Strela” has not been aired for almost three years, but one of its main characters is constantly present in the entire universe of “Strela”. John Diggle, played by David Ramsey, who fought crime together with Oliver Queen from Stephen Amell, appeared in such shows as “Flash”, “Supergirl” and “Batwoman”, and in January it was reported that an additional series for Diggle called “Justice U” is in development. So how are things with this project at the moment? Ramsey shared the update.

Do you remember that Judge Yu saw John Diggle carrying out a mission involving five young meta-people who work undercover at a prestigious university, and thanks to his education and training, they will become “heroes of tomorrow”. In addition to his acting duties, David Ramsey will direct the pilot project, and Michael Narducci from “Superman and Lois” and Zoanne Clack from “Anatomy of Passion” will be writers and executive producers. We haven’t heard anything else about what’s planned for Justice U, but Remy assured TV Line that a spin-off is still in development with the following:

We’re working on a second draft of the script, and we just made a deal with the writer. I’m not sure I can name her, so I won’t, but we’re very close to submitting our second draft. It’s still in development and we’re moving forward.

Sometimes it takes longer to create a project than expected, but, as David Ramsey explained, a new screenwriter is invited to work on Justice U, although he does not want to reveal the identity of the woman. The fact is that the “Justice U” plan remains to move forward, so while it’s obviously too late for it to be ready for this TV season, perhaps enough details will fall into place in the coming months so that the pilot can be filmed sometime next year. After that, the CW bosses will have to decide whether to order Justice U to release the series or hand it over, and let it be a one-time case that the public will never see.

A lot has changed in the Arrowverse since Justice U was introduced to the public. “Batwoman” and “Legends of Tomorrow” were canceled, “Flash” is preparing for its final season, and the action of Superman and Lois, as it turned out, takes place on a Land other than Earth-Prime, so the Diggle in this series is not the one we followed. with an arrow. So if “Justice U” gets the green light, it may be the only show that will keep the basic reality of “Arrow” afloat by the time it starts airing. As for the general front of the CW DC TV channel, along with the return of Superman and Lois in season 3, the third season of “Stargirl” is currently underway, and “Gotham Knights” will begin airing sometime in 2023.

In the finale of the series “Arrow”, before he and his family went to Metropolis, John Diggle saw in front of him a mysterious box from outer space, emitting a green light. Diggle spent the next couple of years trying to open the box again and figure out why it got to him, and he eventually achieved this in the Flash episode “The Man in the Yellow Tie” with the help of Eobard Tone (no, it didn’t end up being a Green Lantern tease). However, the box disappeared after Diggle rejected his offer of space power in favor of staying with his family. When this mystery is revealed, the way is now open for him to embark on the journey created for him in Justice U.

As soon as there are any important updates about Justice U, we will let you know. In the meantime, watch our TV program for 2022 to find out which shows are still premiering this year.


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