What’s going on with Jamie Foxx’s spawn reboot? Finally we have an update after a long wait


For more than half a century, Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane has been working on restarting the Image Comics character at Blumhouse Productions. Although there have been several updates on the progress of the project over the years, it has been some time since we found out how things are currently going. Well, good news for Spawn fans: after a long wait, it turned out that the reboot starring Jamie Foxx as the main character got a new boost of energy thanks to the hiring of some major Marvel and DC talents.

When we last heard in August 2021, Brian Tucker from Broken City was hired to rewrite the Spawn script, but more than a year later, Scott Silver and Malcolm Spellman are teaming up with aspiring writer Matt Mixon to develop a new Spawn script for Blumhouse. Both Silver and Spellman have experience in film comics; the first wrote “The Joker” and its upcoming sequel in collaboration with director Todd Phillips, and the second was the head writer of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” (which can be broadcast by subscription to Disney+) and is now writing “Captain America: The New World Order” with Dalan Monsoon, who also worked on the limited series Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mixon is best known for directing the 2017 documentary “Yesterday Was Everything.”

In addition to the news about the new Spawn writers, THR also spoke with Todd MacFarlane, who wrote an earlier draft of the reboot and wanted to direct a Blumhouse movie. However, McFarlane is now ready to let go of the reins after Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman and Matt Mixon came on board, stating:

As mentioned earlier, Jamie Foxx still has to play the main role in “Spawn” as Al Simmons, a secret operations agent who was betrayed and killed, but he makes a deal with a demon to return to Earth and take revenge, although now he is severely disfigured and has special abilities. In 2018, it was also announced that Jeremy Renner had joined Spawn to play “Twitch” Williams, a NYPD detective who frequently crosses paths with Spawn in the comics. However, now Renner’s involvement is reportedly dependent on how the new Spawn scenario develops. MacFarlane mentioned that, although he originally planned that the reboot of “Spawn” would be low-budget, now that they are looking for a studio partner, a little more money may be thrown in.

This will be the second cinematic adaptation of Spawn: Michael J. White first portrayed the character on the big screen just five years after the release of the Spawn comic. Alas, the 1997 film was poorly appreciated by critics and commercially, as a result of which plans for a sequel were canceled. Spawn was also voiced by Keith David in the HBO animated series, which lasted 18 episodes, and the character had a cameo role of “blink and you miss” in “The First Player to get Ready” 2018. While the Spawn comic continues to be published in Image Comics, the reboot of Spawn by Blumhouse will certainly increase the character’s credibility among the general public. So fingers crossed, since Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman and Matt Mixon are writing “Spawn” right now, it will be a take that will finally get a reboot in front of moving cameras.

CinemaBlend will be streaming more major Spawn updates as soon as they arrive, but if you can’t wait to get more information about comic book adaptations, check out our guides detailing upcoming Marvel movies and upcoming DC movies.


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