What you should not do after getting the covid-19 vaccine


With the Coronavirus vaccines eligible to expand significantly in the coming weeks – and the vaccine from the Pfizer / Biontech Laboratory with the definitive registration of use for immunization in Brazil – the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a vaccination protocol for covid-19 and specified what not to do after taking the immunizer.

The CDC’s main recommendation is that anyone who receives a vaccine for covid-19 should not take another vaccine – such as flu, for example – for a minimum period of 14 days. Even if it seems an unlikely scenario, if the person needs to get another vaccine first, it is essential to wait at least two weeks before receiving the dose of the covid-19 immunizer.

Despite this, there is no reason to be wary of vaccine protection. Pfizer, for example, is 95% effective in preventing disease. Even so, according to the protocol, it is necessary to adopt a cautious approach since all the information is still very recent.

The CDC also recommends that the person maintain all hygiene care, use of gel alcohol and social distance a few days after receiving the dose, since the body will only create antibodies after a week or two after the second application.

Current scenario

Vaccines to fight the Coronavirus are already being distributed worldwide. In Brazil, according to a consortium of press vehicles, almost 6 million people took the first dose and 1,269,005 the second, in a total of 7.25 million vaccines applied in the country. The expectation is that immunization will grow more and more, depending on the actions of the Federal Government.


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