What you should know about the Love Alarm 2 delay


The second season of Love Alarm was not revealed on the expected date, but the excitement for the premiere of this series continues.

The K-Drama based on Chon Gye Yeong’s webtoon has gained the attention of many people around the world, who are now looking forward to the premiere of season 2 to learn the outcome of this love story.

The first season of Love Alarm became a success as soon as it was released through Netflix, a year has passed since this launch and fans of the series are waiting for the revelation of more details about the history of Kim Jojo, Lee Hye Yeong, and Hwang Sun Oh.

However, although it was believed that the premiere of Love Alarm 2 was scheduled for August 2020, this series was not released accordingly, arousing suspicions around the new date.

Some think it was postponed due to the episode recordings being delayed as well, as it was until the end of June that the photos from the last day on set were released.

Netflix has not released a statement with updates about the K-Drama, however, it has kept the attention of fans. Recently, the streaming platform added Love Alarm to the list of upcoming releases and the excitement mounted. Sadly it was only the first season, but what was this production doing on that list?

Some think Netflix added the first season to the list of upcoming releases to motivate users to watch it again before the launch of the second season, but others are betting that Love Alarm 2 won’t be released until 2021.

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In addition, a change in the cover of Love Alarm may have spoiled more than one fan of the series. Although readers of the original webtoon already know how this love story ends, it is not certain whether the adaptation will respect this conclusion or listen to the opinion of the fans, but the Netflix app placed a solo image of Jojo and Hye Yeong on the cover of the series.

As if that were not enough, Kim So Hyun and Jung Ga Ram appear as the main members of the cast, which could be confirming that this couple will triumph at the end of the series. OMG!

Previously, Kim So Hyung had said that if she were in Jojo’s place, she would choose to give her heart to Hye Yeong, will this be the conclusion of the K-Drama?

We recently told you about some things that could happen in Love Alarm 2 according to the suspicions of the fans, find out what it is about and get ready for the premiere of the new stage of the series.


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