What you should know about Suga’s shoulder surgery


If you are a fan of BTS, you will be interested in knowing more details about the shoulder surgery Suga underwent.

The BTS boy band is currently the most popular boy band in the world right now and the reason they are at the top is because of the teamwork and mutual respect they have shown for each other’s work.

One such indispensable member of the BTS team is Suga, also known by his real name Min Yoon-gi, who is one of the favorites of the masses.

But unfortunately, Suga recently underwent shoulder surgery due to which, according to Big Hit Entertainment agency, the idol will not be part of BTS’s upcoming performances for some time.

Why did Suga have shoulder surgery?

Well, the reports on kpopherald.com suggest that Suga had to undergo shoulder surgery after he was diagnosed with a shoulder labrum tear. Reports also suggest that the rapper had a dislocated shoulder in 2013.

Yoongi has also been revealed to have had this shoulder pain since sustaining an injury in 2012, shortly before he made his debut with the BangTan Boys.

However, Suga has said that he is doing well and much better after coming out of the operating room. The idol thanked his millions of followers around the world for the affectionate messages.

Similarly, the BTS artist apologized for the concerns and for not being able to be with his classmates during the promotion of his new album “BE” that will be released on November 20.

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Suga’s classmates have sent messages of love and support to the idol so that his recovery is more relaxed. But it is not yet known how long Yoongi will stay away from the stage.


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