What You Need to Know about Tyler Cameron’s New Girlfriend Paige Lorenz


Former Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron found a new partner, and she became a model named Paige Lorenz. The bachelorette runner-up in season 15 and his girlfriend Paige recently confirmed their relationship, albeit indirectly, with photos from the PDA. The pictures showed them walking through the streets of New York. Now fans want to know more about Paige.

The 24-year-old model was in a relationship with Armie Hammer in the second half of 2020 before their relationship abruptly ended. She was also involved with Morgan Wallen, a country singer, until they broke up earlier this year. Now she’s found love with Tyler again. They kept their relationship a relative secret, but recently decided to make it public, as they were photographed in the Big Apple, hugging each other and kissing.

Paige is a model, but she’s also a social media influencer and entrepreneur. Now she’s connected to Tyler, who doesn’t kiss on the first date. She has more than 345,000 followers on Instagram, and every day she attracts new followers. According to Lifeandstylemag, she graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York in 2021 and is the founder of the Dairy Boy homewear brand. Paige also seems to be very funny, and in her Instagram bio Paige clearly states that she is “a former ski racer, New Englander, thrifty, thinker, lover, creator.” Glamorous Paige trained at the Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont, although she no longer skis.

Paige is originally from Guilford, Connecticut, and she doesn’t hesitate to post numerous photos and videos when she spends time at her family’s house. She’s not the first model Tyler has dated, as he’s also been linked to Camila Kendra. Back in December, during a question and answer session, she was asked if she would ever like to go to the Olympic Games as a skier, and she answered “yes.” She is someone who believes in setting big goals, even if each of them is not achieved. Apparently, she quit skiing because she had other interests and couldn’t pay enough attention to it. For her, skiing means giving up her life or choosing a completely different life. “Yes! I believe in the idea of having very big goals, and wherever you end up, everything is fine. Just shoot high. Unfortunately, I had too many other interests and I couldn’t concentrate. …It requires giving up your life. Or choose a completely different life.”

Bachelorette party superstar Tyler and his girlfriend Paige seem to be going ahead. Despite finishing second to Jed Vyatt, he seems very happy with where he ended up in his personal life. Taylor and Paige have not made an official statement about their relationship, but many of their fans like the photos they recently posted.


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