What You Need to Know about Rainbow Six Beta Testing for Mobile Devices


The Rainbow Six franchise is probably best described as something mixed. Despite the fact that its debut title had a unique premise for that time with an emphasis on tactical, team-based gameplay with a realistic tone, the Rainbow Six series has changed a lot over the past two decades. Despite several well-received games on the Xbox 360, the Rainbow Six franchise remained one of Ubisoft’s lesser-known series until the launch of Rainbow Six Siege. Its popularity has only continued to grow over the past few years, paving the way for a mobile version of the game called Rainbow Six Mobile.

Revolutionizing the franchise with its multiplayer approach and hero-based mechanics, Rainbow Six Siege quickly became the best part of the franchise and served as an introduction to the series for many newcomers. Over the past few years, Siege has become one of the most popular competitive shooters. Thus, it only makes sense that Ubisoft will want to benefit even more from the success of Siege. Rainbow Six Mobile is set up to bring the Siege experience to mobile devices in a smooth and optimized way, and those who want to try it are lucky, as today, September 12, the Rainbow Six Mobile closed beta begins.

Everything You Need to Know about the Rainbow Six Mobile Beta

As it was announced at the recent Ubisoft Forward Showcase, the beta version of Rainbow Six Mobile will begin on September 12. Although Rainbow Six Mobile will eventually appear on iOS and Android devices, the beta version will only be available for Android users. Similarly, the beta version of Rainbow Six Mobile will be available only to those who live in several specific regions. These regions include the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, India and the Philippines. Unfortunately, those in the UK and Europe will not be able to participate in this current beta, although hopefully Ubisoft will hold a European beta closer to the release of the game.

The current beta version of Rainbow Six Mobile is also closed, which means that players will need to register and receive an invitation to participate in beta testing. If players want to do this, they just need to go to the Google Play Store and click the pre-registration button. Successful candidates should get access to the game at some point on September 12.

Although this is the first large-scale beta version of Rainbow Six Mobile, before that the game had several testing stages. At each stage of testing, new content was added to the game, from operators to game modes and maps. This beta version of Rainbow Six Mobile is designed to continue this trend. In addition to the “Bank” and “Border” cards that are already in the game, as well as the “Bomb” and “Security Zone” game modes, the Rainbow Six Mobile beta version adds the “Club House” card to the game along with a whopping 16 operatives, including fan favorites such as Ash, Sledge. , and Termite.

The beta version of Rainbow Six Mobile is also introducing a battle pass for the first time, which will be free for all beta players. This battle pass is designed to test how the game’s cosmetics and progress systems will work in the game, allowing players to leave feedback on how useful the mechanics feel in their current state, and what may need to be changed before the final release of Rainbow Six Mobile. which has not yet been confirmed.

Rainbow Six Mobile is in development for Android and iOS.


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