What Would The Netflix Series “Twitter Disaster” by Elon Musk Look Like?


In what could be considered the greatest plot twist of 2022, Twitter, home to most online dramas, has itself become a source of ridicule. The acquisition of bluebird by the richest man on the blue planet opened the gates to chaos that will cost not only Twitter billions, but also Mask. Apart from the strange episode when Elon Musk glorified freedom of speech and clarified that comedies are allowed on the platform, only to later warn anyone who does not indicate that they are doing a “parody” about the suspension.

Given how one Elon Musk turned out to be quite disruptive to the social media platform, we are confident that the platform does not need everyone to change their Twitter handles to Elon Musk. With the dream that blue ticks for everyone will sell for $8, and almost half of Twitter’s employees, including the CEO and the board of directors, will lose their jobs, this 2022 episode is just begging to turn it into a cinematic piece.

Although Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter may turn out to be the greatest tragedy for the platform itself, this is the perfect comedy material, an episode of SNL, and even better: a documentary.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Disaster Is the Perfect Documentary for Netflix

With every tweet of the Tesla owner on Twitter and every decision he makes after the dismissal of almost a thousand employees, the speed of screenwriters in the Netflix writers’ room increases tenfold. The events that unfold from advertisers leaving for a company that only multiplies debts, not users, are perfect for a Netflix documentary. And considering how one complements the other, it makes sense.

Comic book artist and witty commentator David W. Mack on Twitter was the first to share on Twitter what we all thought.

According to him, Netflix and Hulu will make intriguing mini-series about this technical disaster. Although it’s too early to call it the “Twitter crash,” according to David Mack, Brendan Fraser should play the role of Musk.


It is not known whether the author of Echo said this in relation to an actor somewhat resembling Elon Musk, or because of the phenomenal performance he gave us this year. And David Mack has already predicted the Canadian actor to win an Emmy, so when that happens, the chances are high he’ll be able to retweet it. That’s, of course, if Twitter is still operational by then.

Who do you think should write a documentary about the Netflix disaster on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below.


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