What will happen to your week from September 21 to 26


Horoscope: What will happen to your week from September 21 to 26


3/21 to 4/20

Love: with all the charm that this week will unfold, a thousand doors will open for you. Do not play with the feelings of someone who loves you in silence.

Money: with everything under control. Strength, cunning and ease of speech that play in his favor in business. Without unforeseen.

Key of the week: take care of stress. Do each task on time.


4/21 to 5/21

Love: beware of a frontal impact while Venus is adverse to you. Someone gives you a positive signal, that will make you euphoric. New airs.

Money – The more you plan your next steps, the more setbacks. Channel your tension in a positive way.

Key of the week: in matters of love avoid jumping into the void.


5/22 to 6/21

Love: Affine Venus attracts a harmonious encounter. For now, serenity reigns in the home. Having good skin is not enough, the mental connection matters.

Money: if you are very dispersed in business or study it is a good opportunity for you to define your purpose.

Key of the week: in the face of challenges, respond but without exaggerating.


6/22 to 7/23

Love: Family demands add up and your sign will end this week sold out. It is a very special time to strengthen the relationship as a couple.

Money: no matter how well you are on your way, various setbacks may undermine your strength and concentration. Resist.

Key of the week: the economy falters in the short term but will be reestablished.


24/7 to 23/8

Love: a new, fresh and powerful feeling will remind you that when Venus is in your sign a miracle is possible. You will know how to fend for yourself.

Money: money circulates at your fingertips so be very vigilant. Willing to take charge of your economy.

Key of the week: in the face of uncertainty, resort to the old formulas.


8/24 to 9/23

Love: lose your cool at a bad time. Avoid letting others decide for you. Close friends help him in his love goals.

Money: period of great stress in which it is difficult to regulate your financial status. Take care of the good deal with the public.

Key of the week: be honest, don’t indulge in white lies.

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9/24 to 10/23

Love: the week begins with an interesting love affair. If it comes from a crisis, everything is arranged for the better. It will make a lot of social life.

Money: highly creative, so much so that to each problem it will respond with the unpublished solution. It will form a profitable partnership.

Key of the week: keep your commitments to the letter.


10/24 to 11/22

Love: Adverse Venus forces you to make a couple of tough decisions. A healthy dose of selfishness is always welcome; your wishes first.

Money: An overload of work affects your nerves. It will improve from Wednesday onwards. The deals you make will last.

Key of the week: no financial involvement with family members.


11/23 to 12/22

Love: between the emotional shock and the occasional isolated disappointment, the week will be intense. Both in friendship and in family, harmony.

Money: Face off against very powerful but unsuspecting competitors without fuss. It triumphs because it advances through thick and thin.

Key of the week: be firm with those who are not located and understanding with the rest.


12/23 to 1/20

Love: in the depths of your heart you wage a secret battle. You will have to wisely attend to the claims of intimates. With the help of friends.

Money: small complications that undermine your usual punctuality. Focus on making strategic alliances.

Key of the week: cut ties with those who take advantage of you.


1/21 to 2/19

Love: Venus opposite turns someone dear against her but the good thing is that reconciliation is doubly sweet. It will be the most lovable.

Money: responsive as never before to market needs. Stick with your strategy even when challenged.

Tip of the week: do not divulge detailed information about your projects.


2/20 to 3/20

Love: Avoid giving more than necessary even if they touch your heart. Pisces gives what they don’t have and that usually works against them. Take care of yourself.

Money: if you do not listen to it for good. Try the hard way! You will get the help you need even if you have to insist.

Key of the week: it is bad policy to fight fire with fire.


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