What will happen to your week from October 26 to 31



3/21 to 4/20

Love: the world, surrendered to his feet. New airs in love brighten the week. It is a time of meetings for alone and alone.

Money: Mercury in its opposite speaks of reactivation. There may be a long-awaited job or a change in hierarchy.

Key of the week: the unexpected can happen now. It will be necessary to improvise.


4/21 to 5/21

Love: it is not a favorable stage for it to be defined or to demand loving definitions. Better wait and keep nurturing the relationship day by day.

Money: growing reluctance after high wear and tear. Move on, although without too many expectations.

Key of the week: Starting something will cost you double. Still try it.


5/22 to 6/21

Love: Venus in Aquarius brings your reality closer to the ideal. Good cycle, especially to define your path in matters of the heart. On freedom.

Money: he works a lot and with the right times, the good thing is that he does it with joy. Don’t force the times. Excellent prospects.

Key of the week: do what you think is fair, whether or not most like it.


6/22 to 7/23

Love: you will have to attend to details of your social life and that will bring you friction with your partner. Between claims and scenes of jealousy that exhaust him.

Money – You have to prepare to react to the slightest sign of danger. With good chances of solving problems.

Key of the week: try to perceive those details that are not in sight.


24/7 to 23/8

Love: gain ground in sentimental matters, the changes will occur without haste or pause. With Venus as an ally planet there is no one to stop it.

Money: don’t skimp on resources and be quick to put them into practice. He’ll probably catch up on work.

Key of the week: close unfinished business and play hard for the future.


8/24 to 9/23

Love: somewhat discouraged after a disappointment and on guard against the first proposal for change. Family support is achieved the easy way, without anger.

Money: renew old projects even if you only implement the most viable ones. Less cash in hand than usual.

Key of the week: don’t let fatigue blind you. Control.


9/24 to 10/23

Love: every crisis announces an opportunity. If conflicts arise, don’t turn your back on them, look at them head-on. Harmony will be your final reward.

Money – The doors to prosperity swing wide as you give up mandates and budgets. Innovation.

Key of the week: a new alliance is always to celebrate. Celebrate.


10/24 to 11/22

Love: a love situation disloys him and at the same time amazes him. You may unexpectedly find your ultimate love course.

Money: a step forward in business will make almost all obstacles disappear. Sit down to do numbers before saying yes.

Key of the week: Don’t go after anyone with unfounded suspicions.


11/23 to 12/22

Love: few affective contacts and high family demand. If you are alone, go out into the world because the meeting will be necessary. Physical attraction.

Money – Do your best to keep your agreements. Don’t waste any opportunity to show off your skills.

Key of the week: no one can harm you if you raise your defenses.


12/23 to 1/20

Love: a spike in your energy and your desire to share little adventures. He will need someone to rescue him from growing family oppression.

Money: money will not abound, although it will move with enough courage. Keep your Capricorn ambition alive.

Key of the week: the best alternatives are the possible alternatives.


1/21 to 2/19

Love: with Venus in your sign you conquer the world through love. Owner of the powerful energy of life. Su accepts what you do with a smile.

Money: say no to every fight for power. You are in control and do not need to show it. Financial prowess on the doorstep.

Key of the week: try to find a balance between giving and receiving.


2/20 to 3/20

Love: Forced to relegate much of his personal life in the name of work commitments. Friends, partner and family will have to wait for him.

Money: rest on solid foundations; otherwise, you will lose your footing. Better to keep what you have and not risk it.

Key of the week: when you lose your way, affections will be your compass.


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