What will happen to the coronavirus, according to psychics?


After governments of different countries have begun to apply the vaccine against the coronavirus, seers predict a promising future because they think that the pandemic will begin to “be eliminated” gradually.

According to the predictions of Rin Barret, a psychic based in Utah, the vaccine will eliminate the virus and although many people will try to integrate again into society, it will be a challenge to get out to the new normal.

Speaking to the online site abc4.com, the seer predicted that COVID-19 will be gradually eliminated in 2021 which will allow many people to deepen their interpersonal relationships and help others to value human communication.

He predicted that as people begin to receive the vaccine, they will be eager to seek out friends and family, so he envisions that travel will increase significantly across the United States as soon as spring begins.

Technology was one of the topics that acquired the greatest relevance during 2020 because applications like Zoom facilitated communication between people. Barret believes that trend will continue this year, but as the days go by it will begin to gradually diminish. However, he predicted that there will be fear in society due to increasing technological advances.

For her part, psychic and numerology expert Suzanne Wagner thinks that while most people will get the vaccine, the coronavirus will not go away completely.

“I think a vaccine will be more available to the masses from June 2021. And that’s a very good thing. But I also think that we may never completely get rid of COVID, and just like the flu, we will get a flu and COVID vaccine every year until we get to some point where I think it will make it go away on its own. alone ”, she commented.

For Wagner, this disease is a wake-up call for the survival of the planet and when the world is in better balance, the coronavirus “will seem to evaporate.”


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