What Will Bitcoin Price Be By December 2021?


PlanB, who predicted a price of $ 288,000 for the Bitcoin price according to the stock flow model, conducted a survey on the BTC price on Twitter. In the survey, he asked how many dollars the bitcoin price will be until December 2021. The answer with the highest number of votes was “100 thousand dollars”.

Among the options of PlanB’s survey for bitcoin price on February 14; There are 288 thousand dollars, 100 thousand dollars, 55 thousand dollars and under 55 thousand dollars. The winner of the voting, in which 55 thousand 163 people participated, was 100 thousand dollars with 45.3%, while the second place was 288 thousand dollars with 39.6%. While the third with the highest number of votes was $ 55,000 with 8.1%, the lowest vote received was 7% with less than $ 55,000.

Analyst PlanB, who has 264 thousand followers on Twitter, asked the same question on December 3. There are some differences between the voting, in which 24,000 people participated at that time, and the new poll.

What has changed in two months?

In the survey conducted with fewer participants in December, the option received the highest vote 33.3% with 100 thousand dollars. The difference of the new survey was the increase in the number of participants and the increase in the votes that the bitcoin price could reach $ 100,000 and above. However, while those who believe that BTC will be below $ 55,000 in December, the rate was 19.9% ​​in the voting, while this rate fell to 7% as a result of the new survey.

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Higher goals in comments

Some users believe that bitcoin can exceed $ 288,000 to $ 300-500,000. A user who said that the bitcoin price is very close to $ 50 thousand, “It is quite bearish to believe that it can rise to $ 100 thousand by the end of the year.” said.

Where does 288 thousand dollars come from?

According to PlanB’s stock flow (S2F) model, bitcoin has reached the fifth tier of assets such as gold and silver by market value. PlanB; He concludes that BTC should reach $ 288,000 given the increase in market value and its circulating supply. At the same time, it expects the market value of BTC to exceed $ 5 trillion, according to the model.


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