What will be the future of Cardano’s ADA in a year?


After a real bullish rally in recent weeks, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano ADA, is forecasting a bright future for the project.

It has been the revelation of the quarantine for the crypto world. And it is that, while the price of Bitcoin has remained without many surprises in recent months. ADA, Cardano’s cryptocurrency, has dramatically increased its listing ahead of the launch of its new version. Allowing project founder Charles Hoskinson to predict what the future of Cardano’s ADA will look like in the Tweet of the Day:

A bright future for Cardano’s ADA

Very few could have foreseen it a few months ago, however in just a few weeks, Cardano has managed to be on everyone’s lips thanks to the increase in the price of its cryptocurrency, ADA. Which has not been driven by merely speculative trends. But it has been a direct consequence of the launch of a new version of its Blockchain known as Shelley.

This new version of Cardano was released on July 10, and brings with it interesting features for the crypto market such as scheduled staking. This has led users interested in smart contracts and decentralized applications to start paying more attention to ADA.

Thanks to this, Charles Hoskinson can predict that in a relatively short time we will be able to see a significant increase in ADA blockchain activity. As this interest in its Blockchain translates into the creation of new projects based on Cardano, with which it could enter as the third Blockchain in competition for the decentralized applications sector against Tron and Ethereum:

“By this time next year, I predict that there will be hundreds of assets up and running in Cardano, thousands of DApps, tons of exciting projects, and lots of unique uses. In 2021 it will be a lot of fun to see Cardano grow and evolve. The community is definitely ready to innovate. ”

At this point in his development, it is still unclear whether Cardano can achieve what Hoskinson expects of him. However, if anything can be concluded after these days of growth for the cryptocurrency, it is that it has a community that will do everything possible to promote it in the future.


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