What will be the future of Amazon and Jeff Bezos?


The world of technology was taken by surprise in early February 2021 with news. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he was stepping down. The transition may still take some time and he will not abandon the company entirely, but it is impossible to leave the speculation aside: what paths will Amazon take without him? Or what will be Bezos’ projects from now on?

Bezos has been in the job since Amazon’s activities started and, according to him, was already thinking about quitting the role in 2020, but the pandemic changed the company’s strategy a little and he postponed the decision.

The founder of Amazon gave an interesting statement to employees: “I have never had so much energy and this is not a retirement. I intend to focus my energies and attention on new products and recent initiatives. I am super passionate about the impact that these organizations can have”.

Financially speaking, he is fine, because Bezos is the second richest person in the world, with a fortune of approximately US $ 198 billion in the beginning of 2021. And his main focus must be philanthropy.

Bezos Projects

Since 2018, he has maintained the so-called Bezos Day One, an investment fund that focuses on certain charity projects, such as housing for the homeless and basic education for street children or extreme poverty.

Despite the great initiative, it still receives some criticism: very little of Bezos’ immense fortune goes to the bottom and the projects are still quite embryonic compared to other philanthropic activities of technology rich, such as the Bill and Melinda Foundation of the Bill Gates .

In February 2020 he started a second fund, the Bezos Earth Fund, which is an initiative to support scientists, activists and organizations struggling in the climate change sector, to combat global warming. The initial investment was US $ 10 billion, but this is expected to increase from now on.

Among private ventures, Bezos’s focus should be Blue Origin, a space exploration company he founded in 2000. His main project is a module for landing on the Moon scheduled for launch in 2024, and she should dispute contracts government and private companies with SpaceX to take cargo and people into space.

Another company he also owns is the Washington Post, a newspaper that is already well established in the United States. Bezos guarantees that there is no editorial interference in the vehicle, but he was largely responsible for taking it to digital media.

In addition, it is worth remembering that he will not totally depart from Amazon. Jeff Bezos will chair the company’s board and still owns 10% of the shares, with daily responsibilities and a lot of authority in direction.


It is important to note that the company is doing very well. In the last quarter of 2020, earnings practically doubled and reached US $ 7 billion, and it was not only due to the growth of one sector: the entire giant is on the rise.

The replacement is Andy Jassy and he was not chosen by chance. With 24 years in the company, he is currently responsible for AWS, Amazon Web Services, which offers cloud computing services for storage, server for entire platforms and more.

This segment is less popular than e-commerce or Alexa, but it is one of the most successful. In fact, the store, Prime subscription services and the sale of Echo devices are also on the rise.

So it is safe to bet that Jassy’s main job is to keep the company’s current fast pace. It is very likely that AWS will receive even more importance, of course, but the first years of his management should be mainly to keep everything balanced as it is now.

What to expect from Jassy?

The covid-19 pandemic had a big effect on deliveries, as many people created or increased the routine of placing orders over the internet. In addition, the new CEO has two issues to resolve.

The first is internal, with many employees dissatisfied with the working conditions in warehouses and deliveries, apart from the company’s action against these employees who criticize the brand. Many are in initial contact to form a union to demand more rights.

The second is the United States government’s oversight of big tech, which should be expanded in 2021. Amazon does not have the same problems as Apple, Google and Facebook, which are the current major targets of investigations, but it must explain in hearings as it has been happening.

In her case, the integrated ecosystem, favoring own services and strangling competition should be the topics mentioned. In other words, the new boss of the company will have a lot of work ahead of him.


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