What will be Metaverse’s contribution to Turkey? Here are the numbers


The Meta Innovation Meeting, which was implemented in collaboration with Meta and xtopia, was widely attended by content producers from the business world.

The Meta Innovation Meeting, organized in cooperation with Meta and xtopia, took place for the first time today in Turkey. At the event, which was implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, many discussions were held about the future of the metaverse in Turkey, the opportunities it offers and its impact on key sectors in the future.

According to the data presented at the event, if the metaverse is successfully developed, it will contribute $37.5 billion to the Turkish economy by 2035. Significant investments in information and communication technologies are necessary to create a metaverse that is widely used and can make a difference.

Metaverse stakeholders in Turkey come together

It was emphasized that the digital skills of enterprises in Turkey can be developed and that politicians and regulators can play an important role in the development of a competitive metaverse ecosystem.

The key sectors that are likely to benefit from the metaverse opportunities in Turkey are retail and e-commerce, education, culture and tourism, games and esports.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Omer Fatih Sayan made the following statements in his opening remarks;

“Technologies are changing rapidly, and we see their impact on human life. While the Internet accelerates this change, the metaverse is the endpoint of this change. But this change will not stop there, as we will see even more ambitious and exciting ways to use the metaverse in 2035 and beyond. The metaverse will provide endless opportunities in many aspects, from socialization to commerce, from education to art.

We continue to work on these issues under the guidance of our Digital Office. These opportunities will provide an opportunity both to create new businesses and to change existing businesses; it will cover all sectors, especially gaming, e-commerce, banking and retail. At this stage, I must emphasize this; the Metaverse must be developed together and built responsibly. I am sure that the economy of the metaverse will become one of the driving forces of Turkey in the future.

Our country will also use its experience in the digital games industry, its educated human resources and its determination in the field of metaverse technology, and will demonstrate its success and acceleration in the field of digital games in the field of metaverse technology in cooperation with all stakeholders.” said.

Mehmet Fatih Kachir, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, who shared his views on the panel “Vision of the Future of Turkey”;

“Technological advances come along with the desire to transcend human boundaries, and the metaverse is a reflection of this. Staying in change itself requires adaptation, but it also gives you the opportunity to live more pleasantly and enthusiastically.

Recently, in Turkey, we have been implementing a basic policy in this area; We strive to be not only a consumer of technology, but also a manufacturer. Given the young population, Turkey represents a huge market for these new deposits, but it has the potential to become a major producer in this sector. This could have important consequences for the Turkish economy.”

Metaverse will reach 1 billion people in ten years

Speaking at the opening speech at the event, Meta Turkey Regional Director Ilke Toptas said that in ten years the metaverse will reach 1 billion people, and said:

“Turkey is a growing and developing market with a large and young population. The data shows that 77 percent of small businesses in Turkey have taken advantage of Facebook when setting up their business in 2021. Worldwide, more than 210 million people connect with businesses in Turkey via Facebook. Today we are very glad that we have created an area where we can discuss in detail the concept of the metaverse, which will make it possible to create new areas of employment and employment opportunities for our country.

We are talking about a potential that could amount to more than $3 trillion worldwide in the next ten years and more than $360 billion in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. We, as Meta, will continue to work on Turkey’s rapid adoption of the metaverse and its productivity in this area.”

Xtopia founder Lalin Akalan said, “The metaverse has suddenly become a hot topic. For the first time, we are in the global process of developing a product in real time and collectively. Metaverse is an ecosystem business. Perhaps this is one of the greatest collective efforts in the history of mankind.

The metaverse, which we can define as a new public space, is a meeting space for people, a center of interaction, an element of the collective economy and a mediator of the common world with its social aspect. I believe that in order to make this world sustainable and accessible, we need to create skills development and training programs, funds and R&D opportunities, especially focused on creative sectors.”

The second event in the framework of the program, the Ancient Futures exhibition, will be held on Friday, October 14, by xtopia, Meta and T.C. companies. It will be held at the Archaeological Museum in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Among the works that stand out from the creative ecosystem at the special event are projection mapping, light performance and a poetic installation that will cover the exterior of the museum.


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