What Will Apple Introduce on September 15?


Apple, the most valuable company in the world, will introduce its new devices and digital services on September 15th. The iPhone 12, whose production was suspended due to the pandemic, is not on the list for now, but we expect the company to come up with Apple Watch 6th generation, a new iPad Air and a new AirPods headset.

Apple will launch its classic iPhone this year – due to the coronavirus pandemic – in October, not September. The iPhone 12, which we will see in the near future, will appear as 4 different models. Two of these models will be iPhone 12 and 12 Max, while the other two will be iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. The most basic information about the new iPhone models in this way, now let’s move on to our main topic. So to the innovations we will see at the Apple event on September 15, 2020 …

The fact that we won’t be able to see a new phone does not prevent Apple from doing something that will make a difference. Apple, which earns the majority of its revenues from the App Store and subscription systems, not from device sales, is preparing to appear with the 6th generation of Apple Watch, iPad Air and AirPods Studio, which it has already completed its work on.

What will Apple introduce on September 15?

Apple Watch Series 6 (Finalized),
iPad Air (Finalized),
Apple One (Finalized),
AirTags (Not Finalized),
AirPods Studio on-ear Bluetooth headset (Not Finalized),
HomePod (Not Finalized),
First Mac computer with an Apple processor (Not Finalized),

Apple Watch Series 6:

Smart watches that allow us to communicate independently of phones are not a new technology. Since the 4th member of the Apple Watch series, it is possible to make phone calls and listen to music via headphones without an iPhone. The new member of the series, Watch Series 6, will come with improved durability and improved health sensors in addition to these basic features.

The new Apple Watch, which we expect to have a body that is more resistant to water and dust, can be submerged at greater depths for longer periods of time. In addition, thanks to the improved Wi-Fi connection speed, it is expected to provide an internet experience as fast as a smartphone.

The most important feature expected for the new Apple Watch is that it will be able to measure the oxygen value in the blood. In this way, he will be able to warn his owner when low oxygen levels are reached. At the WWDC 2020 event held in June 2020, Apple announced that it added a feature to measure handwashing time on its watches. In this context, we expect the new Apple Watch to come with new features that will enable more accurate health measurements. Other details will be clear at launch on the evening of September 15th.

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iPad Air:

The iPad Air family, whose first model I saw in 2013, was renewed in 2014, and the next model was released years later in 2019. Apple will be pleased with the success it has achieved with the latest tablet that it will appear with a 2020 model iPad Air.

The new iPad Air, which we expect to have a 10.8-inch screen, may come with an embedded fingerprint sensor, but this feature is not definitive. If it does, it will be a first for Apple and it will be more likely to be on the iPhone 12.

AirPods Studio:

The AirPods headset series, one of Apple’s most paid products, has appeared with 2 different generations and a Pro version so far. Apple, which has been the owner of the Beats brand for a long time, appealed to those looking for on-ear headphones with this brand. Now it is preparing to combine its AirPods experience with the Beats experience.

Although it is not 100% certain yet, we can see the on-ear AirPods Studio headphones on the evening of September 15th. The new headphones, which will represent another first for Apple, will be positioned directly in the upper segment. According to MacRumors, AirPods Studio will be presented with an upper segment model with leather-like fabrics and a light version suitable for use in events such as sports. AirPods Studio is expected to have a starting price of $ 350.


Apple does not offer the homepod devices sold in Turkey. Siri-powered smart home speakers are at the heart of Apple’s indoor ecosystem. We can see a cheaper and smaller version of these speakers that can constantly communicate with all Apple devices and home users. Apple needs such a device specifically to compete with the Amazon Echo series. Other details will become clear again on the evening of September 15, we will share them with you.


According to the allegations in the foreign press, Apple will develop a portable device called AirTags that can be connected to all other Apple devices. AirTags’ task will be to find other valuable technology devices it is connected to when they are lost. Users will be able to use AirTags as a key ring.

First Mac computer with an Apple processor:

Apple Silicon, the first computer processor announced by Apple at the WWDC 2020 event in June, will gradually begin to show its face. Apple’s announcement that it will announce its first Silicon-processor computer before the end of the year turns eyes on September 15. However, there is no exact information yet.


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