What were the reasons for Elena Gilbert’s final death


The Vampire Diaries originally ran for eight seasons from 2009 to 2017 and was a huge success around the world. Some people are new to the show and have questions about the show.

The series followed Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), an orphan in the town of Mystic Falls when she finished high school. Elena mourned the death of her adoptive parents as she navigated the school.

She also embarked on a passionate romance with the mysterious student Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) before discovering that he was a vampire. The character himself died multiple times in The Vampire Diaries as a human and as a member of the undead.

A final death for Elena Gilbert seemed to suggest that she and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) actually died of old age on The Vampire Diaries series. Series creator Julie Plec addressed this issue and said: For me, that’s peace, and you can define it however you want.

Nina Dobrev ended by thanking The Vampire Diaries fans for following her journey and vowing that there would be much more to come from the show and herself in the future.

Despite leaving the show as a main character, The Vampire Diaries continued to flourish with the show that led to the spin-off series The Originals which in turn launched a spin-off of The Originals called Legacies.


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