What we suspected about the Netflix series that continues to beat The Walking Dead


The end of The Walking Dead’s eleventh season is drawing near, and it’s also ending the series after a storied 12-year run. As the series draws to a close, a number of characters and stories will finally be released from their suffering and entombed, while a handful of others will live on in the form of new spin-offs and potentially a handful of movies.

The show’s mastery of dramatic storytelling and assertive tone have ensured that the franchise, like its relentless titular revenants, never really dies. The Walking Dead will keep walking, and that’s largely (and ironically) because the show has always been very much alive.

Since its premiere, the popularity of this type of genre began to grow and its productions increased, causing new series and movies in the style of The Walking Dead to quickly take over the screens. Such is the case of a Netflix drama, which little by little has been conquering its audience, showing that it can even be better than the AMC series.

We are talking about Black Summer, a series that made its debut in 2019, reaching its popularity on this streaming platform. This show portrays the early days of a zombie apocalypse, however its approach is more realistic as it focuses more on the survival of its characters.

After its premiere, it was speculated that it was a prequel to Z Nation, however, these two productions did not have a connection. Although the studio behind it is the same, the difference is that Black Summer has something that no other zombie series or movie offers. After the return of the second season of this production, Black Summer has once again invited its viewers to live the experiences within this post-apocalyptic world, where in addition to zombies, there are great mysteries waiting to be discovered over time.

It could be said that this series manages to scare the most because of its unsettling tone. That is why on Netflix, Black Summer has been known as a clear representation full of horrors, suspense and many zombies, making it better than The Walking Dead, according to its viewers. While watching the scenes of Black Summer, viewers have even stopped blinking, because, unlike TWD, the characters can become in a matter of seconds. The experience of the virus invasion process fills everyone with terror in this chaotic process.