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A Disney movie is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when we imagine a good setting for a game similar to Souls. At first glance, these two things couldn’t be further apart. Therefore, when a Souls-like game called Lies of P, based on the story of Pinocchio, was shown, many raised eyebrows. The story trailer shed some light on the premise and showed a dark, Lovecraftian setting with winding abandoned streets and a distinct late 1800s aesthetic. Narrated by Geppetto, he explains that the city of Krath has been invaded by the plague and abnormal automatons before entering the church and ordering his son to wake up. It is clear that although Pinocchio’s story is familiar to many, there will be no interpretation of Lies of P.

The original story trailer was followed by another dedicated to gameplay, and it really caught the attention of gamers. The main character Pinocchio is armed with a variety of weapons, from swords to axes, and even something like a vortex saw, which fans of Bloodborne should be familiar with. Although the story is based on Carlo Collodi’s classic Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, it is clear that the game will draw inspiration from the Soulsborne series, and the similarities with Bloodborne in particular are obvious. Since both trailers focus on different elements, it will be interesting to see what the next trailer shows, and there are a few things it should include.

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All attention will be focused on the next trailer Lies of P

Now that gamers have gotten a brief glimpse of both the plot and the gameplay elements, the next trailer should become a little more specific in terms of what it shows. The most obvious thing that has been missing so far is a good look at the person himself (or the car, depending on the circumstances). Giving players a better look at the main character will shed light on which Pinocchio will play a major role in this game. Most likely, it will not be a cute, happy version familiar to those who have seen the 1940 Disney cartoon, but a much more distorted version. So far, the developers of Round 8 Studio and Neowitz Games have mostly shown Pinocchio from the back. From what has been shown, some conclusions can be drawn. The first and most obvious thing is that this version of the famous doll is not completely made of wood like most other versions.

Indeed, his left arm seems to be made of metal, and this arm seems to be able to attach gadgets like a grappling hook to it relatively easily. Pinocchio is shown using this hook to pull enemies close from a long distance, bringing them within striking distance before delivering a fatal blow. With the addition of a mechanical arm, it seems that Lies of P is perfect for using the Bloodborne trick weapon. It seems that the hand is also capable of wielding a kind of magic, with fire and other elements being used either directly against enemies, or indirectly, filling weapons with them.

In addition to Pinocchio, gamers have only seen Geppetto so far, and it is not yet possible to say for sure whether he will be a friend or an enemy, although the former looks more likely at this stage. Players will be hoping to see some of the other characters that will appear in the game. The developer talked everywhere about the importance of dialogue, and every lie was aimed at making Pinocchio “more human”, but what exactly this means is currently unknown. It is said that what Pinocchio does and says, depending on the parameters chosen by the player, dynamically affects the gameplay. This system of “lies” could potentially be what makes Lies of P different from Bloodborne and other similar games. Let’s hope that in the next trailer we will tell you more about this extremely intriguing element.

Of all the upcoming Souls-like games announced for the next few years, Lies of P probably looks the most promising, with its mix of dark fantasy with horror and Dark Souls-style fighting. Time will tell if the unlikely combination of a Disney movie and a Souls-like game will pay dividends.

Lies of P is currently in development.


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