What We Do in the Shadows: Matt Berry’s Best TV Shows


Recently, the premiere of the fourth season of the popular pseudo-documentary about vampires “What we do in the shadows” took place, which was very much expected after the cliffhanger in the finale of the third season. In the new season, there is an increase in the number of characters, including the dissolute vampire Laszlo Cravensworth, played by Matt Berry.

Comedian and musician Berry is one of the most recognizable and charismatic personalities on modern television. In addition to portraying the carefree Laszlo, Berry had several brilliant and beloved television credits to his name, ranging from an eccentric middle-aged actor to potentially dangerous androids.

Garth Marenga’s Darkplace
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Berry’s first major role on television was in the British sitcom Garth Marenga’s Dark Place. The show was a surreal parody of a cheesy ’80s horror show, complete with intentionally awful practical effects, bad acting, ’80s synth music, and comments from “actors” behind the scenes.

Berry played actor Todd Rivers, playing the suave but dumb Dr. Lucien Sanchez. Perhaps the cutest character from the main cast, Berry’s performance as Rivers/Sanchez was a stepping stone to the more famous outrageous characters he would later play. Without a doubt, one of his best scenes is when he sings “One Track Lover”. What should be a funny parody is actually a fantastic performance worthy of any 80s music star.

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Due to his prominent voice during the game, Berry has played several voice acting roles during his career. One of his best and most notable is voicing Mr. Deadly in the adult animated series Archer.

Mr. Deadly is a sentient android capable of destroying an entire solar system. Nevertheless, Berry’s delightfully funny game causes a lot of laughter, for example, when the android finds ice cream for the first time, does not agree with the butterfly and somehow seduces Cheryl. Although he’s only in one episode, Mr. Deadly’s appearance is certainly memorable thanks to Berry’s hilarious voice acting, making him one of the best guest stars in Archer.

AD / BC: Rock Opera
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AD/BC: Rock Opera is a half-hour television special that showcases Berry’s skills as a singer and songwriter as well as a comedian for the first time. Parodying Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera musical “Jesus Christ is a Superstar”, the special musical is a fully singing musical depicting the story of the Nativity of Christ, told from the point of view of an innkeeper.

Berry not only plays composer Tim Wind and an innkeeper who is struggling to keep his business afloat, but also wrote the music and lyrics for the special (and Richard Ayoade also wrote the lyrics). Although ultimately a parody, the songs and performances are excellent, especially from Berry. In fact, AD/BC proves that Berry has the potential to write a grandiose rock opera.

Moomin Valley
Broadcast on Apple TV

Moomin Trolls began their life as a series of books about a family of trolls named Moomin Trolls and had many film adaptations. The most recent of them is the CGI animated series Moomin Valley, whose star cast includes Taron Egerton, Rosamund Pike and, of course, Matt Berry.

Berry voices the patriarch of the Moomins, Moominpappa. Moominpappa, who can be recognized by the top hat, is a storyteller and nostalgic at heart, who loves his family and tries new things. This is one of Berry’s most enjoyable and useful roles and something of a starting point for Laszlo, who played the role of the father in “What We Do in the Shadows.”

Boba Fett’s Book
Broadcast on Disney+

The Star Wars franchise is full of droids, and Berry voiced droid 8D8 in The Boba Fett Book. Since the droid first appeared briefly in Return of the Jedi, this series transformed 8D8 from a small cameo into a fully realized minor character.

Although not as funny or sympathetic as Berry’s other android character, Mr. Deadly, 8D8 easily turns out to be one of the best droids in Boba Fett’s Book thanks to his intelligence and invaluable value to Boba Fett as a translator and knowledge base. This is one of Berry’s more serious and somewhat sinister characters, but his acting talent and distinct voice are really well suited for this droid.

The Year of the Rabbit
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The Year of the Rabbit is a British sitcom set in Victorian London, which tells the story of a city police department investigating brutal murders. Berry was the eponymous protagonist of the series, Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit.

An exhausted alcoholic inspector who needs to punch his chest whenever his heart stops is a little different from the roles Berry is usually associated with. Nevertheless, with his outspoken honesty and rude disregard, he is fun to watch, especially when he works together with two of his younger and more optimistic colleagues.


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