What was the reason Thelonious Jaha died in season five?


Thelonious Jaha (Isaiah Washington) of The 100 was a main character in the first four seasons of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama. As chancellor of the council of the Ark.

Throughout his time on The 100, Thelonious Jaha also proved to be quite a tough character to kill. Cheating death multiple times so much so to say that Jaha has had some brushes with death is an understatement.

He finally proved that he was not invincible during the fifth season. After the withdrawal of the underground clans to the bunker below Polis before the second nuclear apocalypse, it wasn’t long before tensions escalated.

After Skaikru member Kara realized there weren’t enough resources to keep the bunker overcrowded, she staged a coup with some other Skaikru, seized the bunker farm, and sealed the door in The 100.

Right there Thelonious Jaha was stabbed by a Grounder and seriously injured. Before bleeding out, Jaha used his engineering skills to help new leader Octavia Blake open the door to the bunker farm.

Thus avoiding the takeover of Kara and saving the rest of the clans from certain starvation. He also gave Octavia some words of wisdom about her leadership before dying surrounded by her friends Abby Griffin and Marcus Kane.

Fans of The 100 had some warning about Jaha’s disappearance, since before season 5 it was learned that Isaiah Washington would no longer be a regular actor on the series.

Considering how many times he had dodged death in the past from The CW show The 100, Thelonious Jaha (Isaiah Washington) passing away has come as a shock to fans.

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