What was the moment when the series completely ruined the success


After 7 seasons of unprecedented success, the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones failed to satisfy many fans, with many of them wishing their favorite character arcs would culminate a bit differently, or thought they rushed. Others argued that showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss didn’t know which direction the story would take after the show chronologically turned the George RR Martin books.

Whatever the reason, the final season sparked a scathing reaction from the fanbase, even sparking a popular petition demanding that Game of Thrones season 8 be remade with new writers. Now, one of the show’s biggest stars shares her take on the audience’s reaction to the end.

A show that prided itself on its long-running narratives, Game of Thrones always took its time plotting to ensure that every moment, the character’s decision, and the journey felt authentic and justified. Sure, this kept viewers going for a long time, but the end result was always worth it.

Disconcertingly, this successful formula was abandoned in the eighth and final season as a reduced episode count (specifically requested) resulted in rushed narration, narrative blanks, and character decisions that not only felt unjustified, but undermined. completely seven years of rich accumulation. with little or no explanation why. And this here resulted in the only series of bad episodes of the show, as the last three were colossal failures.

It’s easy for creators to look back and simply attribute negative reception to the differing opinions of a vocal fandom, but the fact remains that a divisive response like this doesn’t happen overnight. The fans knew what was going on here and reacted accordingly, because never in the history of television has there been such a rapid fall from grace.

Game of Thrones will always be considered television royalty, but that’s not enough to protect it from being tainted forever due to David Benioff and DB Weiss’ decision to rush into the final season. If they had taken the time to justify some of their decisions, maybe, just maybe, the answer would have been different. The HBO series not only fell at the last hurdle, it plunged past the point of no return.