What Was a “Rare Occasion” For Will Smith to Play Neurologist, Dr. Bennett Omala in “Concussion”


Will Smith had a life experience when he played the role of Dr. Bennett Omalu in Concussion. The actor’s career spans more than three decades, and although he began his career with comedy roles, the artist continued to work in a variety of roles. Straight out of science fiction, dramas and biographical films.

Some of these biographical films include “Ali,” “King Richard,” “Chasing Happiness,” and “Concussion.” Bringing a story to life on the big screen is a unique experience for an actor. He described all this in an interview with none other than the living legend Dr. Bennet Omalu.

Will Smith explained why the role of Dr. Bennett Omalu in “Concussion” was enthusiastic for him.

Will Smith has played many roles in his life, but the role of a special immigrant doctor was enthusiastic for him. According to Smith’s interview for Flicks And The City Clips, “as an actor, you very rarely take on a story that has such a mythological form.” Speaking about playing the role of Dr. Bennet Omalu, he added that the actor enjoys playing a role similar to David and Goliath, but in real life. For him, the real story was beautiful and perfect, almost like a fantasy. Peter Landesman directed the film with Alec Baldwin, Albert Brooks and David Morse along with Smith.

Smith praised the Nigerian-born American neurologist who made a revolutionary discovery. After all, the doctor has changed the lives of many NFL players by researching and figuring out how vulnerable they are to CTE. The condition occurs due to repeated head injuries. He conducted a study of former NFL player Mike Webster, who suffered from the effects of CTE. But it was not easy to convince the medical commission.

Thanks to the concussion, Smith was able to tell a complex but powerful story to Omalu, proving his research and leaving a mark in the history of medicine. The neurologist, when negotiations were underway about the film, insisted that the actor of “Men in Black” play him, even when the actor was against it.

If you’ve watched the movie, do you agree with Will Smith’s experience? Comment on your thoughts.


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