What Wanda said to the Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2 (and what it means)


Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”.

That Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) Told the Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness and what did that mean? The confrontation of the two versions of Wanda in the finale of Doctor Strange 2 was one of the most touching moments of the film, but this line was lost for many viewers who watched the film in cinemas. With the release of “The Multiverse of Madness” on Disney+ and other streaming platforms, fans have another chance to properly evaluate the scene. Here is Wanda’s integral line and its meaning is fully explained.

After trying out her imaginary dream life with Vision and their twin sons, Tommy and Billy, in Wandavision, Wanda begins to roll in a downward spiral when it all breaks away from her. Wanda is ready to do everything possible to get her family back, even if the rest of the world has to pay for it. When her desperate search for her family leads her to the Darkhold—a set of spells that, combined with the powers of America Chavez, allow her to move in the multiverse—Wanda Maximoff begins her transformation into the Scarlet Witch. Having gathered the forces of America, the Scarlet Witch plans to enter the life of one of her alternative selves and raise their children as her own.

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In the finale of Doctor Strange 2, America realizes that the only way to stop the Scarlet Witch is to give her what she wants; she creates a portal to Earth—838 and allows the Scarlet Witch to enter inside, only for her to discover that her children in this universe see her as the monster she has become. Tommy and Billy from Earth-838 don’t love her the way she dreamed; they’re only afraid of her. It takes another Wanda to truly understand the pain she is in and the love she feels for her sons. After all the destruction caused by the Scarlet Witch, Wanda from Earth-838 ends her tirade with one line; “Know that they will be loved.”

What does Wanda’s phrase “Know that they will be loved” really mean

Wanda’s life on Earth-616 was full of pain; she lost her parents, her brother Pietro, the love of her life, and her sons. Vandavision gave her a brief moment of happiness, and Darkhold showed that every other version of herself in the multiverse could get what she desperately wanted while she had to suffer. She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t given happiness if she had the power to find it; only Wanda’s 838 remark made her realize that, although it might not be her raising them, her sons would still be loved throughout the multiverse by any other iteration of herself.

This line would lead the Scarlet Witch to the ultimate sacrifice, apparently giving her life to destroy the Darkhold when she brought down Mount Wundagor on herself. Her desire to get what she wanted turned her into a monster rather than the loving mother she wanted to be, and she finally came to realize that her attempts to reunite her family only ended up hurting others. By sacrificing herself and destroying the Darkhold in every multiverse at the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda was able to contribute one last time to the safety and happiness of her children in the multiverse.