What tragedies Sheldon did not tell about his father


Despite the bad reputation Sheldon (Jim Parsons) had given him on The Big Bang Theory, Patriarch Cooper has proven to be a sensitive man who loves his family. What Sheldon also forgets I will comment on how tragic his father’s backstory was.

Marriage problems?

The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon’s parents were in an unhappy marriage for a long time. It seems they had a rushed wedding after Mary conceived George Jr. and then they had twins Sheldon and Missy.

Have I had a lover?

Fans know that Sheldon shared a unique friendship with Penny and often opened up to her about things that he didn’t even tell his closest friends from The Big Bang Theory.

In Season 10, Episode 5 of The Big Bang Theory “Hot Tub Contamination”, Sheldon revealed to Penny that he had caught his father with another woman when he was only 13 years old.

Now, while this surely must have been terrible news for Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory, it couldn’t have been much better for George Sr., nor could he be caught doing something like that for his teenage son.

Did Sheldon appreciate it late?

In season 12 of The Big Bang Theory, when Sheldon and Amy after their super asymmetry theory seemed wrong, Leonard gives Amy an old tape of young Sheldon encouraging himself for such emergencies.

Unfortunately, Sheldon’s speech to himself in The Big Bang Theory had been recorded by his father, but the football speech that he is seen giving to his players manages to motivate the adult Sheldon.

Enough that I’ve realized that they weren’t all that different after all. While it was nice of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory to show some appreciation for his father, it would have been nice if he had let him know when he was alive.


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