What to expect from the next mysterious mirror Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands


As many probably already know, the reaction of the community to the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands DLC was mostly negative. Mirrors of Mystery are expensive and short, they lack side quests and plot content that can be seen in the expansions of the main Borderlands series. However, Molten Mirrors, the third and most recent Mirror of Mystery, was seen as a step forward. Thus, fans can only hope that the final “Mirror” will continue the upward trend.

While Shattering Spectreglass will certainly not be enough to satisfy those who crave a major release of content, there are a few things in this release that might make it stand out a bit. Firstly, the story seems particularly interesting if we assume that the foundations laid in the “Molten Mirrors” are expanding. More importantly, this fourth drop of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands content introduces a new class, as players will soon be able to control Blightcaller.

Blightcaller from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is coming out soon

While this may not be the Bard class some fans were hoping for, the information fans have about Rottenness is fascinating. Essentially a shaman, this character boasts bony armor and will be able to summon AI-controlled allies to help in battle. While other classes have companions such as Wyverns and Half-Humans, and Grave-Borns can summon dark magic hydra, summoning will be a more integral part of the Rottenness skill tree. With Spirit Swarm, a ghost cloud can be invoked whenever a status effect is applied, and this is just one of two summoning options.

The Swamp Totem action skill spawns a tower-like object that sucks the souls out of enemies and throws them back in their direction. Combining Bog Totem with Spirit Swarm ensures that players can have two companions from the same class, which means that players can now get a maximum of three companions by multiclassing with Clawbringer, Spore Warden or Graveborn. As the name suggests, the Rottenness class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will also be excellent at venomous attacks, so gamers can count on serious improvements in corrosive weapons. The Plaguestorm action skill shows how players fart, and enemies trapped in gas clouds are hit by elemental bolts.

How can Shattering Spectreglass Play

Since fans prefer Molten Mirrors to the first two Mirrors of Mystery, it can be assumed that a similar design philosophy will be present in Shattered Spectreglass. Thus, the Creators of Destiny will most likely be assigned a lot of tasks before they can fight the main boss, which will be much more enjoyable than doing the same repetitive tasks. As for who that boss will be, there’s a good chance it could be Vesper herself.

Until now, the narrator and caretaker of Dreamveil Overlook has been an extremely mysterious character, and only in Molten Mirrors have players been warned about the dark side of Vesper. Fyodor the Guardian of Souls tells the players several times that Vesper is dangerous, pushing the players not to help her and assuring them that there is more to her than meets the eye. Even if Vesper isn’t the main villain of Shattering Spectreglass, we hope Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands fans will finally learn a little more about who-or what—she really is.

With the exception of some level design in the style of “Molten Mirrors”, the much-needed Laura Vesper and the debut of Rotten, the final “Mirror of Secrets” is likely to be comparable to others. Gamers can count on fresh loot in the Wheel of Fate, weekly difficulty levels for Breaking Ghostly Glass, and several unlockable rooms in the Hall of Chaos. As gamers are still waiting for the exact release date of this DLC, hopefully more information will be released soon.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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