What to Expect from the Differences of the GIS Series?


Criminal Minds is known for offering a host of creepy suspects for his BAU team to study and then capture – that tradition carried on until the end of the show on CBS.

Criminal Minds fans probably shouldn’t expect to see a revolving door of twisted assassins during revival season, as Paramount + confirmed that the characters will follow a single case from start to finish.

That means the crew will likely face one of their most formidable foes yet and obviously won’t catch the suspect right away. This somewhat new direction for Criminal Minds is actually feeding off how former showrunner Erica Messer orienting things in a more serialized way in later seasons.

Of course, the Criminal Minds show still managed to work through cases of the week in the fold, but there were several stories that expanded to span multiple episodes, with Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) taking on some of those plots.

Of course, Criminal Minds fans probably won’t see Garcia (Kirsten Vangness) making her comeback, as the writers made her leave the situation for a less dark and depressing concert.

It’s still in doubt whether JJ and Reid’s fan-favorite non-romance will be further explored in new episodes, though the writers seemed to put a cap on that in season 15 of Criminal Minds.

There’s actually another cool change that Criminal Minds fans can look forward to when rebirth hits Paramount +. This time around, the long-running drama will be paired with a follow-up show titled The Real Criminal Minds, a companion series that will feature a former real-life profiler examining actual FBI cases.

It has yet to be confirmed, but the show will likely be hosted by a cast member of Criminal Minds. This would be an excellent time for former cast member Shemar Moore to return to the Criminal Minds universe.


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