What to expect from the 17th season of “Sister Wives” and when to watch


TLC’s Sister Wives are returning for their 17th season, as the network confirmed last week, and it’s time to share information about when and where to tune in. The Brown family, headed by Patriarch Cody Brown, has been through a hell of a year. As the family began to break up, fans became more interested in the dynamics of the clan, especially with regard to where each wife is today.

The reality hit Sister Wives demonstrates the world of a polygamous family. The series tells about alpha husband Cody and his four wives, Mary, Janelle, Kristin and Robin Brown, as well as about 18 children whom the patriarch welcomed with his spouses. As viewers know, the Browns were forced to leave Utah because of strict laws. Deciding to leave Las Vegas, they headed to Flagstaff, Arizona, where everyone seemed to have settled in enough. However, there were many obstacles, such as wives living in four different houses in the same city, which eventually led to upheaval.

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On July 22, TLC announced that a new season of Sister Wives will appear on the network. The mysterious trailer, which had nothing but the opening credits (and the sight of the fourth wedding ring falling), made fans shudder. The season of Sister Wives will follow the Browns after Kristina decided to leave Cody and move to Utah. The premiere of the new season will take place on Sunday, September 11, at 22:00. EASTERN STANDARD TIME. The dramatic discovery revealed that the fourth ring on the letter “I” in the show’s logo falls to the floor. Needless to say, Cody will have a lot to explain when the cameras start working.

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A few months ago, Kristin’s son Peydon Brown announced that his mother had decided to return to the series and was currently filming her journey back to Utah. The mother of six is happier than ever and has even launched her own cooking show Cooking with Just Christine. On the other hand, Cody is silent and spends most of his time with his fourth wife, Robin. The two were recently spotted violating their own COVID-19 rules when they were in a crowded bar, eating and dancing. For the most part, Cody doesn’t seem to mind being a single wife.

There has also been a lot of speculation among Sister Wives fans about the status of Mary and Janelle. Cody made it clear that Mary was no longer romantically attracted to him, but the mother of one of them decided that she would stick with the family. As for Janelle, she no longer lives in her mobile home on Coyote Pass. In season 17, fans will have something to catch up on, and many are waiting for Cody to finally tell his side of the story.


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