What to expect from Stranger of Paradise: The First DLC for Final Fantasy Origin


Despite initial concerns, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has become a hit among fans. Regardless of whether the player finds that the story is poorly written or is an entertaining mix of deadpan humor and self-parody, the latest version of Nioh gameplay has made an impression. Star developer Koei Tecmo Team Ninja was a good choice to help Square Enix promote more action games. Even though this reimagining of the first Final Fantasy was not what fans imagined the 35th anniversary celebration to be, Jack is here to stay.

Although the last few months have been quiet, a season ticket consisting of three additions has been announced, the first of which will be released on July 20. ” and “Another future.” Judging by the Trials of the Dragon King trailers, these additions will take place after the main plot of Final Fantasy Origin. For this reason, even though there will be many mechanical additions, discussion of this DLC will include spoilers for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Dragon King Trials will include new missions and story content

The main attraction of Trials of the Dragon King is the introduction of four new main missions and nine side missions. It is unclear what they will consist of, and whether there will be a boss battle in each main mission. The expansion seems to take place partly in the middle of the main game, and partly in the timeline of Final Fantasy 1 presented for its epilogue. In the past, Jack Garland’s squad had to pass some kind of test to win Bahamut’s favor, although the dragon warrior king seems willing to give free advice. Meanwhile, Jack has now taken on the role of Chaos to fight the new Warriors of Light. Unlocking these missions will require interaction with other new content, but the results should be interesting enough to deserve it.

These results include gaining access to new boss fights. Firstly, this is Bahamut himself, who now plays a more active role than in Final Fantasy 1. Initially, he simply gave out quests, providing job improvements in exchange for a Rat’s Tail, Bahamut will now also directly test the group, which players should use to prepare for the battle against the Warrior of Light. It seems that this scenario is a duel against a Warrior created by Yoshitaka Amano from the cover of Final Fantasy 1, using both his Dissidia Final Fantasy appearance and some Dissidia attacks. It will be a fanservice spectacle, and players should enjoy the opportunity to beat this classic boss with an endgame Garland.

In Stranger of Paradise, there will be new professions, classes and type of weapons

Although this may not go well with the massive garland that most fans are familiar with, in Trials of the Dragon King, staffs are presented as a type of weapon. What suits Dissidia players is how these staffs are implemented: when attacking, the player can split sections of the staff using chains to attack enemies over a large area. During combos, players can dynamically adjust the length of the weapon to either perform forward thrusting attacks or create distance by delivering larger vertical or horizontal strikes.

Accordingly, with this new weapon, three new tasks appear. Pilgrim is a melee job that relies on the staff’s combo abilities with its working action, the assault hook. This works like Nero’s Jerk technique from Devil May Cry, allowing Jack to jump towards the enemy or pull him towards himself. The next task is a magic—oriented Evoker that can summon spirits to help with many abilities. It looks like it has a lot of strategic potential, but those looking for more flash will want to opt for Summoner instead. This job makes Bahamut a call in the FF1 world and gives the player control over him. Their MP will be constantly decreasing, but in return, players get access to all the characteristic attacks of Bahamut Flare.

There will be many more additions in the DLC for Final Fantasy Origin

The rest of the content revolves around improving the Final Fantasy Origin endgame or providing new features. A new difficulty level called “Bahamut” will be the starting point for searching for content, since when you select it, the “Bahamut” tab will be added to the game menu. This tab contains title Challenges in which players will battle various obstacles to earn Dragon Treasures and possibly Chaos gear. Dragon treasures can be exchanged for items and equipment in the exchange shop, and new conversations with Bahamut will be unlocked as new challenges are completed. Talking to Bahamut unlocks new missions and advances the main story, so players will need to prove their skill in Challenges if they want to continue.

Equipment that drops at the difficulty level “Difficult” or higher can be filled with Chaos, which gives him stronger special abilities.