What To Do When You Incur Injuries as A Passenger in A Car Accident


As the number of cars increases on the roads, the number of car accidents seem to go up, with over six million cases each year. Nobody ever wishes to be involved in a car accident situation. A lot of damage comes with it, vehicle damage, emotional and physical damage. As a passenger in this situation, you may not know what to do, and you will need Lamber Goodnow to help you through the necessary steps. Here are a few steps you need to take if you ever find yourself in a car accident as a passenger.

Immediate After the Accident

Immediately after the accident, there may be too many things happening at once, which could be overwhelming. However, there are a few critical actions that need to take place after the accident. Some steps may come as second nature, like checking if everyone is safe and if there are any injuries. Next, call emergency services and the police; the police report will be needed for insurance.

Try to remember as much as you can about the events leading to and during the accident, obtain both driver’s details. In recalling and collecting information, make sure your lawyer is the first person you share any sensitive information with, not the insurance.

Determine Who’s At Fault

Determining who caused the accident is the next step, and if you have incurred any injuries in the crash, you put a claim against the driver at fault. You can legally claim against any driver at fault, whether it was your car or the driver of the other. Insurance companies are usually involved in the investigation and determining the fault. Insurance companies use information gathered through talking to the involved parties, witnessed and studying the police report. Once the fault is determined, you can then claim against the right culprit.

Claim Against The Driver

If your driver caused the accident, you would need to claim compensation from the driver’s insurance. As a result of the accident, you may need to cover loss of wages, medical bills, and other incurred suffering. The compensation needs to cover it all. Should the other driver be at fault, you will then claim from their insurance respectively. In some cases, both drivers may share the responsibility; in this case, you would claim against your driver up to a specific limit.

Claim Against Your Insurance

For certain expenses like medical bills, you may claim from your own car insurance regardless of the cause of the accident. You may successfully make a claim, although it may not be as much as claiming against the driver at fault, at least you have that option. Due to the nature of the claim, you may only be compensated to only cover medical bills and not loss of wages or any other sufferings.

Receiving a payout from the driver may be affected by any cover or collection from your insurance. A deduction can apply in the second claim as a result of the amount received from your insurance.


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