What to do if your intimate photos were leaked


How to protect yourself if your intimate photos are stolen? Love in modern times has made courtships transform. Dating and face-to-face coexistence are only part of relationships, social networks have become a fundamental part in couples, but it has its risks.

Messages, calls and posts on profiles dedicated to your boyfriend or crush are regular when you are in a relationship, but such conversations are sometimes too personal and private, because sometimes risque texts are shared as a way of explore what they like and go one step further in their relationship by sharing your pack.

However, when sharing photos of yourself there is a risk that they can be leaked, whether they are stolen, you are the victim of a hack or that person tries to blackmail you and threaten you by publishing them on the Internet. What should you do if that happens?

We know you can feel shame and fear, but you should NOT blame yourself, the person who wants to hurt you is the one who is wrong. What you should do is save all the evidence you can


  • Screen Shoots of publications
  • LInsk and URLs of the sites or social networks where they are published
  • The conversations and history of the chats where they attacked you
  • Save this information on a USB, also change the privacy settings on all your profiles,
  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Check your friends list and delete any suspicious
  • person, also modify who can see your posts on social networks and change passwords.

Once you have finished, you can contact phones such as 6182725352, the National Front for Sorority will give you the proper guidance to start a legal process, since having these photos released without your knowledge is a crime that violates your dignity and that it is stipulated in the Constitution in Article One.

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You should go to the Public Ministry to file a complaint, since the Olympia Law declares that aggression of this type when broadcasting videos or photos of an intimate nature without your consent is prohibited.

You can also start a campaign on social networks, (Only if you are sure), to report the profile or publication, share the link, (WITHOUT REVEALING YOUR CONTENT) so that the corresponding platform deletes the content and blocks the accounts.


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