What the Next Saints Row Can Learn from a Bad Reboot Technique


The Saints Row reboot didn’t make the grand comeback that many fans had hoped for. He received average ratings in reviews, and mistakes did not bring any benefit to the game. It is clear that Saints Row has many problems that spoil the overall impression, but this error can still be corrected with the help of a sequel that works on player complaints.

According to many fans, Saints Row has some of the greatest open-world games. The first game in the series seemed very similar to Grand Theft Auto, but Volition formed its own identity for the second game and beyond, amplifying the craziness and prioritizing fun over everything else. However, the audience clearly didn’t like the more restrained approach to the Saints Row reboot.

Writing the Saints Row trademark should return

One almost universal complaint that people make about the Saints Row reboot is its writing. Unsurpassed humor and crazy antics were a big part of what made the early Saints Row games so fascinating, and many players fondly recalled the most hilarious moments in the series. Instead, the reboot decides to settle on a more mundane tone, which ultimately makes the game more forgettable.

A more unique writing style of the series is something that should come back in the sequel of this reboot. A new game in the franchise that harks back to the madcap nature of the original games may have a better chance of reviving what made it popular in the first place. While the attempt to return to the origins of Saints Row is admirable, the fact that it happened at the expense of outstanding elements of the series is a compromise that, in the opinion of many, should not have been made.

Saints Row Characters Must Embrace Their Craziness

There is a certain charm in the characters of the first few Saints Row games. Johnny Gat, Shawndy and the player’s character are fondly remembered by fans not only because they are cute, but also because they do not contradict the actions taking place in the game. The Saints weren’t good people, but they didn’t need to be—they just needed to be fun partners with whom the players could spend time.

Meanwhile, the Saints Row reboot is trying to make its characters more connected to serious problems caused by external forces, and creating a gang is just their way of taking matters into their own hands. There’s no denying that such an approach could work for this title, but the characters themselves aren’t very honest citizens either. Players are tasked with shooting banks and killing countless innocent people in Saints Row missions, so trying to portray this gang as kindred people who just want to fight life’s injustices has led to a noticeable narrative dissonance.

It feels like the Saints Row reboot makes players root for characters they have no emotional attachment to. The letter doesn’t help, the Saints’ dialogues are slightly funny at best. All these factors combine to form a set of easily forgettable characters, and in the next game of this series, you should try to write characters who are more aware of their violent actions without becoming too psychotic to root for them.

What the Saints Row Reboot Did Right

Despite this criticism, Volition should not lose sight of what it did well with the Saints Row reboot. Its open world is diverse and interesting to explore, even if the landscapes may seem empty at times. Problems with the open world environment are related to the technical side, so when developing a sequel, special attention should be paid to the development of an inhabited landscape.

The actions available in this open world are also quite diverse and exciting, and the fan-favorite mini-game “Insurance Fraud” has become more interesting for many than ever. A sequel can increase the complexity of these actions, as well as add more diverse ones that experiment with unique gameplay concepts.

The Saints Row reception highlights the importance of stable releases

The first impression that the game makes is very important, especially when this game is a relaunch of a franchise that many people are passionate about. The Saints Row trailers weren’t well received by fans, and it was clear that Volition needed to make a bold statement with this reboot from the start. Unfortunately, in addition to all the problems that have plagued the game since its release, Saints Row also suffered from many technical problems.

The chances of convincing fans in this new direction were limited due to this release with bugs. Even with the patch of the first day in Saints Row, there are a lot of problems that affect everything from the gameplay to the plot. Errors affecting the aiming of the character are especially bad, because they make one of the main pillars of the gameplay seem extremely inconsistent and unsatisfactory.


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