What the Marvel MODOK actually looks like (before the transformation)


MODOK from Marvel is one of the most bizarre and unique villains in all comics, but he didn’t always have a terrifying appearance. The MODOC originally had a much more human appearance before turning into a giant head that became a Mental organism created only for killing. However, in the Marvel Comics story, MODOK, whose original name was George Tarleton, once returned to his real original form, which is very different from his monstrous villain appearance.

Despite his grotesque appearance of a creature that is actually a giant head too big for his body, MODOK didn’t always look like a monster. Originally, George Plateon was a technician working for the villainous organization A.I.M. Tarleton was transformed into MODOC, a supercomputer-human hybrid designed to aid in the development of the Cosmic Cube. However, as his brain continued to grow, MODOC turned into a MODOC, switching his focus from computing to killing, taking on a key role in A.I.M. becoming one of the most destructive forces in the Marvel universe. In his Doomsday chair, MODOK is actually a giant floating head with tiny legs and arms, illustrating how dramatically his normal human appearance has changed.

Readers were rarely shown the true form of the MODOC before it transformed. However, in Incredible Hulk #610 by Greg Park, Paul Pelletier and Danny Miki from Marvel Comics, MODOK is captured by Amadeus Cho and transformed (by manipulating reality) into his human form. In the role of George Tarleton, MODOC looks like an ordinary person, as he sits in his Doomsday chair, and his head seems dwarfed in size.

Despite his usual killer machine appearance, MODOK is just a human being transformed into something much more sinister. When he returned to his normal form, he found that an ordinary person was hiding behind the giant head. He wasn’t always a freak of nature. Since MODOK is soon to appear in the MCU in the movie “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantimania”, it will be interesting to see if the villain’s story will show his previous human form, and whether the film will explore this side of the character before he turns into a Mental organism created only for murder.

MODOK didn’t always have an intimidating appearance, as he was as much a real person as any other person in the Marvel universe. However, after an experiment, as a result of which his brain grew to a huge size, he turned into a cult villain from Marvel comics, turning into a giant head that decided to kill everyone who stood in his way. MODOC’s transformation shows that anyone, even an ordinary AIM technician, can be turned into a supervillain if you experiment.


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