What the main cast said about the ending of the series


In July, Netflix confirmed that the fifth season of La Casa de Papel will put an end to the heist. Viewers will be able to find out the fate of all the remaining stars and if they will make it out of the Bank of Spain alive.

So far, not every star on the show has opened up about their thoughts on the ending of La Casa de Papel. However, recently the Lisbon actress, Itziar Ituño, revealed what she thinks when saying goodbye to the show.

Every series has its length of history before it becomes cliché, she thinks it is good not to get stuck in the same referring to La Casa de Papel.

In addition to Ituño, the show’s creator has also revealed his thoughts on the ending of La Casa de Papel. Speaking when the news was announced, Álex Pina revealed how excited he was to reveal to fans how the series will end.

The creator commented that adrenaline is within the DNA of La Casa de Papel. Every thirty seconds things happen that upset the characters, a twist on the action.

An exact release date for the final season of La Casa de Papel has not yet been confirmed. However, many expect it to come out in 2021 if filming can end.

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