What the iPhone 14 Will Look Like Revealed (Disappointment…


The design details of the iPhone 14 family, which we expect Apple to introduce in September 2022, have been revealed. When we look at the technical drawings, we witness that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 will look mostly the same.

US-based technology giant Apple will probably hold a big launch in September. At this launch, as you can imagine, we will have the opportunity to meet the iPhone 14 family. When we compare the phone with the iPhone 13, it is obvious that we will meet a more powerful processor and brand new features that this processor will bring. So how will the design of the iPhone 14 be?

Although there are still months to the launch of the iPhone 14, there are some claims on the subject. Acting on these claims, the designers were able to create technical drawings for the iPhone 14. To be frank, these technical drawings are truly disappointing for the iPhone 14. Because if the phones are like this, we will see almost the same model as the iPhone 13.

According to the latest technical drawing, the iPhone 14 will look like this

When we look at the technical drawings, we see that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are exactly the same from the front. The notch structure and buttons are the same as the previous generations. Moreover, according to industry sources, the screen options of the iPhone 14 family and the screen size options of the iPhone 13 family will be the same.

When we look at the back drawings of the iPhone 14, we see a similarity with the iPhone 13. However, according to industry sources, the phone we will meet in September 2022 will come with a thicker camera frame than the iPhone 13. By the way; You may not have seen the Apple logo on the back in the technical drawings. This is not a very important detail because it is an indisputable fact that the logo will be on the real model.

There will be some changes on the iPhone 14 Pro

According to the claims of industry sources, Apple will make the design change in 2022 only on Pro models. As you can see above, the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro will have a perforated design. When we look at the back of the phone, there will be no change. The camera protrusion, which is very similar to the iPhone 13 Pro design but with a thicker frame, will be waiting for us on the upper left. It is stated that the back of the iPhone 14 Pro will look like this: