What the Brooklyn Nets want in exchange for Kyrie Irving


With the start of the 2022-2023 NBA season fast approaching, the fate of superstar point guard Kyrie Irving is still up in the air.

Will the Brooklyn Nets sell their All-Star Game or keep it for life?

According to recent reports by NBA insider Mark Stein, the Nets won’t even consider an Irving swap deal unless it meets some specific conditions.

The Brooklyn organization will not accept an exchange package consisting only of draft picks and young players. Instead, he hopes to find a famous player who can bring immediate benefits to the squad.

Sources say the Nets’ current position is that they are unwilling to send Irving in exchange if the deal only returns future assets. They obviously want talented players to part in exchange for parting with Irving, despite all this turmoil. this absorbed the Nets for several months,” Stein reports.

Given how the Nets are handling the ongoing Kevin Durant situation, they probably won’t accept anything other than the perfect deal for Irving. Earlier this year, Durant requested a trade from Brooklyn, and the team has yet to find a deal that would meet its sky-high standards.

Who knows what the Nets’ roster will look like by the end of the NBA season.


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