What the Birth Letter of Kamala Harris


Kamala Harris is making history by becoming the first vice president-elect of the United States and the stars can shed light on the personality of the senator from California, according to her Natal Chart.

All people have a Natal Chart which is the position and alignment of the planets at the time of our birth, which gives us a unique temperament, according to astrology. In this map of the sky you can analyze the sun and lunar sign, the ascendants and ruling planets, among many other elements.

Given that Harris was born on October 20, she belongs to Libra, a sign related to justice, fairness and equality, so it is not surprising that she is a lawyer. It is governed by your self-determination, objectivity, and ability to understand others.

Your moon sign is Aries, which shapes your emotions, sensitivity, and temperament. In such a way that she is impulsive, likes things to move quickly, is enthusiastic and needs independence to undertake and achieve, according to an astrological analysis of the site Astrotheme.com.

Another of its characteristics is that it is not afraid of being defeated and is brave to face the fight. Likewise, her astrological traits lead her to be a warm person, ready to help and comfort whenever she is able to control her impulsiveness.

Kamala Harris’ ascendant is Gemini. In astrology, the ascendant means the way the world is perceived and the fact that it is located in the sign of the twins makes the vice president-elect a curious, resourceful and very expressive being, so communication is one of the most important factors for her.

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Another element that plays an important role in personality is the sign of Mars, which consists of the location of the red planet on the zodiac wheel at birth. In Harris’s case, Mars was located in Leo at birth, resulting in her having the strength to take initiative to build and fight; She has the vitality to pursue her goals, yet she tends to be proud and inflexible.

Kamala Harris’s astrological traits give us a glimpse of how she is expected to perform during her tenure with Joe Biden in the White House.


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